TLC Partners with Enterprise Capital Planning Software Provider Finario To Create CapexConnect Specialty Practice

Finario, the first enterprise software solution purpose-built for capital planning, has announced a partnership with TLC Technologies, a global leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) integration and consulting services, to create CapexConnect™ — a specialty practice helping organizations adapt to fluctuating capital investment priorities and approaches born of today’s uncertain and ever-changing economic and supply chain outlooks.

“Last year, the pandemic caused many companies to significantly cut back their capital spending, while this year there is ample evidence that Capex budgets are increasing dramatically,” says Tom Foley, President & CEO of TLC Technologies. “This gyration from Capex contraction to expansion has put many large enterprises on notice: the ability to leverage data, adjust portfolio allocations and pivot quickly is critical. CapexConnect™ is designed to bring a laser-focused, best-in-class strategy and process, enabled by Finario’s world-class technology to help them do just that.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with TLC Technologies to meet an urgent and growing need,” said Robert Fitzgerald, SVP of Alliances at Finario. “CapexConnect™ represents a new way of approaching the digital transformation and collaboration between corporate finance and operations. TLC has a mastery of the CPM space, which when combined with Finario’s project focused expertise in capital planning, provides large enterprises with the thought leadership and technology they need to prioritize, optimize and assess the effectiveness of their investments.”

“The rapid downshifting in corporate financial outlooks and forecasts last year and subsequent surge in global corporate capital spending this year has created a challenging planning environment for chief financial officers, leaders in FP&A and the engineering and operations professionals responsible for capital project execution,” said David Straden, CEO of Finario.

“Leadership needs a clear view of all current, pending and proposed projects and the financial and budgetary impact of alternative scenarios so that they can make sound decisions in light of the latest developments. Finario is uniquely suited to provide this context and real-time decision support as the only purpose-built capital planning software for large enterprises.” Adds Foley, “Combining a product such as OneStream for performance management and mastery of Opex, with Finario for total control over decisions related to Capex provides the type of “finance stack” companies need today to create a single source of truth and have more control of the dynamics of change. We are thrilled to start educating our existing and prospective customers about CapexConnect™!”

Learn more about Finario by visiting their website below

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