Come See What’s Up Doc! – TLC to Give Presentation at Splash

Be sure to join us at OneStream Splash for Perpetual Planning: End the Madness, given by our president Tom Foley this Wednesday the 25th @ 1:15pm – 2:15pm in Room 220. This session will introduce TLC’s “North Star” process for Perpetual Planning, which enables FP&A to end the point-in-time Budget/Forecast/LRP madness, and focus on analysis. There might even be some nostalgia along the way!
The process leverages OneStream’s unique platform & features, employs the use of Business Drivers, Predictive Analytics and Scenario Analysis to normalize and streamline the financial projection process into a standard and “Perpetual” discipline, decreasing cycle time for preparation and increasing FP&A’s analytic capabilities and contributions to their organization.
We hope to see you there!