Enabling Perpetual Planning with TLC NorthStar

October 24th at 1:00PM EST

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Enjoy a NorthStar use case presentation by TLC president Tom Foley and a short OneStream Software demo given by Solutions Consultant Director, Dave Collins.

Learn how NorthStar can:

  • Enable your FP&A resources to focus on analysis and driving profitability for your business
  • Minimize time spent on budgeting and forecasting
  • Help you transition from the disjointed traditional planning process, to a smooth & continuous projection for the business

TLC & OneStream: The Perfect Team

TLC’s NorthStar leverages OneStream Software’s unique platform and features, while employing the use of Business Drivers, Predictive Analytics, and Scenario Analysis, to streamline the financial projection process into a standard “perpetual” budgeting and forecasting cadence.